Elegant ribbon tie back


  • Elegant ribbon tie back
Elegant ribbon tie back


Elegant ribbon tie back- comes in a variety of different colours



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For all curtain tie backs: £8.40

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Price £38.40

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Price to Pay: £38.4

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Comes in a choice of various colours

The Evolution of Curtains

The first drape or curtain probably hung at the entry of tent somewhere in a middle-eastern desert in the very early days of civilisation. The cloth gave some privacy but also, when wetted with water, provided some primitive air conditioning to temper the hot desert winds.

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Curtain accessories and how to use them

There is no point spending a lot of money on a beautiful luxurious curtain fabric and then skimping on the curtain accessories that you use. Curtain accessories and the curtains themselves should be seen as an investment as if you buy good quality products, with proper care…

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Restoring Victorian Houses

Victorian homes are known for their beauty, intricate details, and elegant architecture.  They were built to stand out and be admired for their features.   If you own a Victorian house and are interested in restoring it, check out the following tips we put together.

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A Victorian Dining Room fit for a Christmas Feast

If you’re thinking about Christmas you’re probably thinking about who will be visiting you and how to make Christmas a memorable one. This feat will be a lot easier if you conduct your celebrations in a welcoming, warm and comfortable interior. If you have a Victorian or…

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