Elegant ribbon tie back


  • Elegant ribbon tie back
Elegant ribbon tie back


Elegant ribbon tie back- comes in a variety of different colours



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For all curtain tie backs: £8.40

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Comes in a choice of various colours

The Evolution of Curtains

Hand-made fabric hangings or curtains were often used on walls as decoration, or to divide up room spaces in grand country or town houses. They were also used around beds to stop drafts and aid privacy.

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Silk fabric

If there is one item we most strongly associate with Victorian interiors it is the heavy sumptuousness of often elaborate curtains and drapery which adorned all homes.

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Curtain accessories and how to use them

The curtain pole is the most important curtain accessory as without a curtain pole the curtain would be unable to hang in front of the window.

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Restoring Victorian Houses

There is nothing wrong with making your Victorian home more suitable for modern living, such as adding an air conditioning system, removing lead paint but don’t go overboard. You still want to keep the Victorian essence of your home.

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