Competition FAQs

We will be updating this section as and when we receive questions from entrants. Please email your question to: to receive any further information.

Can I repurpose existing degree course work?

Yes you can as long as it answers the brief.

Do I need to attend an interview?

Not in person but we may telephone or Skype you to ask you some questions about your work. We will also need a photograph of any winners for the purposes of press coverage.

Is there a restriction on file sizes for the upload?

Yes, this is limited to 5mb per applicant. This also applies to videos submitted.

How much should I present?

We suggest that if this is a solely text based submission, you keep this below 10,000 words and if this is a design proposal, it is no more than 5 artboards. The accompanying text to this should be less than 800 words.

How can I view mine and other entries?

Click on the Entries button - entries are only live on the site once content has been deemed appropriate 

Can I exchange the prize for cash?


Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Yes please see this link.