Glass bullion / bullseye glass


Glass bullion / bullseye glass
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  • Glass Bullion Bullseye Sq
  • Handspun Bullion Double Glazed Unit


Bullions are most commonly used in Victorian front doors and small windows.

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Product Information


Clear only. 
Bullions are hand-made and vary in size between 200mm and 490mm. 
These pieces of glass are all handmade and are full of imperfections and irregularities which are part of their charm. This sometimes presents challenges when fitting them into door or window as the glass is not perfectly flat and regular on the edges. If you need a flat piece of glass this item will not be suitable.
You need to provide us with the exact width and height measurements of the piece of glass you need to order so that it can be cut to size.


We can supply these in double glazed sealed units with spacers.

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