Victorian Lighting

We sell interior and exterior Victorian lighting including wall lights, ceiling pendants, chandeliers, lamps, lamp shades, bathroom lights for interior use. Also lamp posts, exterior wall lights, exterior pendants, pedestal lanterns for the outside of your house, your outbuildings and garden. Along with brass, chrome and wood light switches in period styles including toggle switches and dimmers along with other electrical products such as sockets and cooker switches.

Our external lighting comprises outdoor wall lights, ceiling pendants, pedestal lighting for gate piers, lamp posts in many different styles and finishes. These are offered in historic styles under our historical collection where the lights are reproductions of specific historic lighting examples, as well as styles that will complement any period property but are modern reproductions of generic period lighting styles. Our wide range of electrical sockets and switches will perfectly complement your period style - our beautiful wooden and brass fluted switches add amazing period style to any room. Our brass toggle switches and period dimmer switches are a world apart from their modern plastic equivalents. All of these products will ensure that the lighting and electrical accessories in your house, your victorian style bedroom as well as your garden will all be in keeping with the period of your property.