Victorian Door Knockers and Door Bells


Victorian Door Knockers and Door Bells

Door knockers are an important feature of a period home as they are the caller’s first contact with your house and the opportunity to make a good impression from the outset. There are many different types and styles of Victorian door knockers but a few styles work really well on a Victorian house and are faithful to the original style of the house.

What's the right type of door knocker for a Victorian house?

The Victorians made goods that were substantial and solid. A cheap brass effect knocker will not set the right impression. Brass or black is the obvious choice for a Victorian house. You would want it to match your other front door accessories so if you already have a black letterbox and door handle, choose a black Victorian door knocker. Conversely if you have brass fittings, choose a brass door knocker. And if you have a blank canvas it’s up to you. Brass works better on dark colour front doors such as black, navy or dark red, whereas black would show up well on lighter coloured front doors such as white or grey.

door knocker 3

The door knocker should be hung at a comfortable height to allow your visitors to be able to reach it, and it is worth taking your time to measure the exact centre of the door to position it as it will be obvious if it is even slightly off centre. Make sure you allow for the door frame when you do this.

lions head door knocker

A lion’s head is a sure winner when it comes to getting the right style for a Victorian house. The other classic design is the ring Victorian door knocker which can be purchased in black or brass.

door knocker 2

Victorian Ironmongery Collection

If your house is large, you might wish to purchase a bell as well as a door knocker as knockers are sometimes not easy to hear. Choose a Victorian doorbell which complements your door furniture and looks like it could be original to the house. Although electric bells are not strictly Victorian, the Victorians employed various pulley and lever systems to achieve a working bell. With the advent of electricity bells were brick flush mounted and made of metal with a classic ceramic button labelled 'push'. This will make a truly Victorian impression!

knocker and bell

At the Victorian Emporium, we sell a great range of Victorian style door knockers and bells.

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