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16 Mar 2017

​At The Victorian Emporium, we offer a service which helps you source period features and products needed in order to recreate a Victorian interior you may have seen and wished to reproduce in your own home or indeed on a film, TV or photographic set. Simply email us a photograph of what you are trying to recreate and we will send you links to the products which you can use to recreate the scene you covet. We may also send you links to…

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23 Feb 2017

Owning a Victorian home is a responsibility. It existed long before you did and will probably be around well beyond the date of your death. For these precious architectural beings, you should see yourself as merely the custodian/caretaker, tasked with looking after the property until it becomes someone else’s. This is especially true if it is a listed building, which usually means it is of notable historic interest or designed by a…

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29 Jun 2016

Choosing a Victorian colour scheme to decorate your home can be tricky, but with a bit of background information, you should be able to narrow down what is right and wrong for your house. Here, we provide you with ideas on how to pay homage to the historic period.A good place to start is by using the colour chart of a historic paint collection such as Farrow and Ball’s. Farrow and Ball state: “Many Farrow & Ball colours are rooted in…

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24 Jun 2016

If you have recently purchased a period property you could well be considering extending your house. People often look to extend their house because they need more space, often after they’ve had children and realised that kids stuff takes up lots of room. Sometimes however, a house is purchased with it’s development potential in mind because it has a layout which clearly doesn’t work well. Sometimes it's obvious what kind of building…

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25 May 2016

During the Victorian era, fashionable gardeners created a wide range of artificial landscapes from rock gardens and ferneries to elaborate water gardens. A Victorian rockery embodied their passion for travel, plant collecting and gardening. It brought together many elements of Victorian interests and passions such as garden design, landscaping, botany, geology and innovation in materials and techniques. As rockeries becomes increasingly…

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24 May 2016

The size of the garden of a Victorian house can really vary and tends to depend on what type of house you live in. In urban areas, most terraced and semi detached Victorian houses have a small strip of garden the width of the house but often really long with room for borders, a pathway, a seating area and a compost heap! On the other hand many city terraces may have just a small yard with space for a couple of chairs. It’s only in…

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11 May 2016

If you live in a Victorian house with a spacious bathroom, there are many different bath options for you and you may feel overwhelmed by the choice of different styles, sizes, shapes and depths of baths available as well as the different materials these baths are made from. Depending on your space, a Victorian roll top bath could be a great option. But there’s acrylic, steel, fibreglass or cast iron to choose from. And there are…

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05 May 2016

If your house was “modernised” in the 1970s or 1980s, you may have the unenviable task of having to replace all of the period features that have been ripped out of your house to give it back some authentic personality. This can seem like a daunting task but it is easily achievable and there are loads of authentic imitation products on the market. These may end up costing you quite a large sum of money but a house with beautiful and well…

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14 Mar 2016

When you have a large building project on your hands, it’s sometimes difficult to keep a close eye on costs.  However, if you don’t keep a handle on your budget, money can easily be wasted and a project can end up costing much more than it should have. Most people don’t have unlimited funds and wonder how to save money renovating a house - wasting money can be a real disaster!  Read our Renovating for Profit article here. Despite all…

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16 Feb 2016

The very term living room itself would imply different usages for the room in different eras. In a Victorian house, the living room would have been a room dedicated to receiving guests and in smaller houses this would be known as the front room. In larger houses the living room might be an informal private area where the family relaxed. If we define the term living room as a general space where one can relax and socialise, it should…

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