Frequently Asked Questions

​Please see below a list of the questions we get asked most frequently. If you’d like us to add more answers here, please get in touch with us with your question. For some questions with more complicated answers, we have written dedicated articles which can be read here.

Table of contents

Do you have a showroom?

No we are online only, but for many products you may order samples (look for the Order a Sample button under Add to Basket).

Order a sample

As we sell many thousands of different products, many of them in a choice of colours and sizes it would be impossible for us to have a showroom displaying all of our products in all of their variants, hence we’ve made the decision to operate online only. This avoids customer frustration of travelling to a showroom only to find the particular item they are interested in is not on display or the quantity of the item they require is not present on site.

Once I place my order, how long will it take for goods to arrive?

This depends on the items ordered and will usually be stated on the product details.

Delivery 7 days

This time quoted is an average and you may receive your goods sooneryou’re your order is needed more quickly, please contact us as we may be able to speed the process up. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, items may take longer to arrive but we will usually be able to inform you about this soon after you place your order. We send you an email when the goods are dispatched so you will know to expect them the following weekday.

Can goods be delivered at the weekend?

Usually they can but there will be an additional charge for this.

Can goods be shipped abroad?

Most items apart from very bulky or delicate items can be shipped abroad. To find out how much this will cost, proceed with your order in the usual way however be sure to request a shipping quote for your order so you know the delivery cost to your country before checking out.

Request a shipping quote

Do not check out without requesting a delivery cost as we will not be able to process your order until we have emailed you the delivery cost and this has been paid. Once you’ve checked out this becomes a little more complicated!

Do you offer trade accounts?

Yes, you can apply via our Trade Society link.

Why are there separate delivery charges for different kinds of goods – surely these will all be sent together?

If you order radiators and glass for example, the radiators will come on a pallet and the glass by courier with lots of packaging to protect it from breakage. These items cannot be sent together. Similarly our wooden mouldings such as skirting boards, picture rail and architrave need to come via a courier who can fit 4 or 5 metre lengths onto their lorry. Whereas small items such as ironmongery arrive using a standard courier in a van.

What shall I do if I think I've been sent the incorrect product?

Once you've fully opened the product, take a photo of it and email that to us. We can then identify what you have been sent, check it against your order and arrange to send you the right product and collect the wrong one if you have been sent the incorrect one. Do not send the product back with the courier if you have not fully opened it and checked it against your order.

What happens if I buy something and don’t like it?

See our returns policy here.

Which of your outdoor lights work with PIRs?

All of them - a PIR is an extra component added into the lighting circuit and will work with any of our outdoor lights. It is not a component that is integral to any of our lights.

Can I buy a part roll of wallpaper?

Sorry but we only sell full rolls of wallpaper.

Can I buy just one metre of wooden mouldings?

Yes, there is no minimum order, but the delivery charge will be the same.

Can I book my plumber / carpenter / electrician / builder for the day after my goods are due to be delivered?

We advise that you don't book any tradesmen until your goods have been delivered and checked by you. Although we try to avoid delays and errors with your order as much as possible, things can happen that are out of our control. Couriers can fail to deliver or break down; goods can get damaged in transit; goods can be incorrectly picked by the warehouse. Any of these errors could mean that a tradesman is booked and then the goods aren't ready for him to fit. It's better to ask him to pencil you in but say you'll reconfirm once the goods arrive.

I’ve started a house renovation and feel like I’m out of my depth. Can you help?

Yes, we can offer advice over the telephone but we also offer a consultancy service for people like you. For more information click here.

What’s the right size of ceiling rose for my room?

See our article here.

What’s the difference between anaglypta and lincrusta wallpaper and how are they fitted?

See our article here

How do I fit a stair runner carpet on a staircase with turns on it?

See our article here

Would you be interested in buying the light / tiles / fireplace I’ve removed from my period house?

Sorry but we don’t buy second hand goods. Try a local reclamation yard.