Victorian Tiles

We have a large collection of beautiful Victorian tiles many of which were used throughout the Victorian period. These range from floor tiles from which to create mosaic patterns for pathways and halls, to exterior wall and porch tiles in the typically vibrant Victorian colour palette.

Our wide range of Victorian tiles are perfect for returning a Victorian bathroom, kitchen, hallway or entrance back to its ornate glory. For more modern homes, our selection can add a beautiful vintage touch and authentic period charm. Choose from the simple elegance of Victorian colour palette glazed tiles to intricate and complex designs featuring the vibrant colours the style of the era is renowned for.

Floor Tiles

At The Victorian Emporium, you’ll find traditional floor tiles to suit any classically styled or contemporary home with sizes available ranging from 38mm to 152mm width.
Our classically styled geometric floor tiles and borders deliver traditional hallway elegance with designs carefully recreated from original Victorian designs. Hardwearing and long lasting with enduring aesthetic appeal, our selection of iconic chequerboard designs and more complex geometric mosaic patterns will enhance any hallway or entrance and enrich it with a quintessentially Victorian style.
Our stunning encaustic tiles offer an authentic period charm with deep and rich tones. The arresting patterns are derived from different colours within the clay. These wonderfully decorative floor tiles are available in a range of colour co-ordinations and designs. 

Wall Tiles

Our Wall Tile range can put the finishing touches to period style homes as well as add a wonderful vintage touch to any style of kitchen or bathroom. Our elegant hand painted crackle glazes tiles feature delicate and intricate traditional Victorian style botanical and wildlife designs.
The V&A collection takes inspiration from some of the most famous 19th-century designs. Our highly decorative tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns with complimenting borders.  
For a more rustic aesthetic, we offer a selection of handcrafted interior wall tiles which offer an authentic style whilst still offering excellent performance. Looking to add Victorian style to the outside of your home too? Take a look at our frost proof exterior wall tiles which can be weatherproofed for additional protection.