Stay in an amazing Victorian era renovation from the Landmark Trust


Stay in an amazing Victorian era renovation from the Landmark Trust

As a charity, we at the Landmark Trust have an aim to rescue historic buildings and carefully and sensitively restore them to become extraordinary places for self-catering holidays. Once restored, their income pays for their upkeep, securing their future, whilst also funding the restorations of further properties. Today we look after nearly 200 buildings in Britain and several in Italy and France including many dating from the Victorian era.

All of our properties are restored using age-old techniques, modern building methods and meticulous interior design, which allows us to stick as closely as possible to the original vision when recreating their interiors and exteriors. This painstaking process means that we retain the original feel of the properties whilst keeping the building functional and above all comfortable. This means that every stay in a Landmark Trust property feels like a journey back into history, but with the comfort of modern times.

What are some of the best Landmark Trust properties available for rent?

In our collection of restorations we have several brilliant properties dating from the Victorian era; here is a selection of some of our most interesting:

Sandringham, Norfolk

Appleton Water Tower sits on the edge of the Royal estate. This functional building, of the highest provenance, makes a surprisingly comfortable nest among the tree tops looking across Sandringham. Accommodation is stacked on the lower floors in the former custodian’s dwelling and a separate steep cast iron spiral staircase leads to an open viewing terrace atop the towering water tank.


Sidmouth, Devon

China Tower, also known as the Bicton Belvedere, is located on the Rolle Estate above the Otter estuary near Sidmouth. This handsome, octagonal, castellated, Gothick tower was built in 1839 by Louisa, Lady Rolle, as a surprise birthday present for her husband and is within close walking distance of Bicton’s fine botanical gardens. This fourstorey tower stands secretly on a knoll wooded with conifers, with a view of Bicton House and the sea beyond.


Field House is a gracious stone farmhouse amongst open fields in the South Cotswolds and its architecture is typical of the handsome gabled style of the region.  The house is surrounded by a large and sunny walled garden and orchard. There is also much to explore nearby in this gentle part of the country, including interesting historic market towns and some gorgeous walks.

Ramsgate, Kent

The Grange was the home that Augustus Pugin designed for himself and his his family. He is regarded as being one of Britain’s most influential architects and designers, and to stay here offers a unique chance to step into his colourful and idiosyncratic world. This house was designed as a family home and works as well today as it did in 1844; it has a private chapel and a tower, from whose roof Pugin trained his telescope on ships in distress, and the intricate, jewel-bright interiors he was so fond of.


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