What’s the right size ceiling rose for my room?


What’s the right size ceiling rose for my room?

This is a question we get asked at least once a week at The Victorian Emporium.

There are no specific rules on sizes of plaster and wooden mouldings to be used to replace those original to the property. However the general rule of thumb is that when the right size of mouldings are chosen, they will just look “right” in that room. And of course if there is a record of what was there originally i.e. you are replacing a damaged or removed ceiling rose, try to replace like with like even if just in terms of dimensions if not in terms of design.


To decide which size ceiling rose is right for your room in the absence of any reference to the original ceiling rose, you need to take the following information into account.

We sell ceiling roses between 300mm and 1460mm. Larger rooms with high ceilings would require the larger roses. Small or narrow rooms such as dressing rooms, hallways and rooms with very low ceilings would require the smaller roses.

Now how to decide on what's the right size of ceiling rose for those in-between sized rooms.

The best way to determine what's the right size ceiling rose for you is to measure the size of your room in terms of ceiling height x length x width. To simplify matters, here we are going to call an average room in a period house 2.8 metres ceiling height x 4.5 metres width x 4.5 metres length = 56.7m3.

A room with these sorts of dimensions would suit a ceiling rose of around 580mm-720mm.

How can I try a ceiling rose before I buy?

The best way to test how these sizes of ceiling rose may look in situ is as follows:

  • Cut out a circle of  coloured paper or cardboard to the approximate dimensions
  • Stick it onto your ceiling in the position of the ceiling rose
  • Then stand in the corner of the room and look up at your fake ceiling rose and assess the result.

Remember the real ceiling rose will be 2 or 3cm deep so will be more impactful within the space than your paper version. However this is a good way of concluding whether your ceiling rose size looks in proportion or out of proportion to your room and the light. Also remember that once you hang a light from your ceiling rose, the impact of it will be lessened as the light will be the focal point of the ceiling rather than the ceiling rose. If you are going to be using the rose with a huge or very eye catching chandelier, you need to up the size of your ceiling rose so that it’s not overpowered by the light fitting.

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Any room smaller than our 56.7m3 would require a ceiling rose around 300mm – 620mm in diameter, and any room larger than 56.7m3 would require a ceiling rose around 700mm-920mm diameter.

The above are simply broad brush general rules. A very decorative ceiling rose will make more of an impact than a very plain one so your own judgement with your paper ceiling rose is most certainly the best way to come to your own conclusion.

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