Victorian House Renovation Ideas


Victorian House Renovation Ideas

Victorian house renovation ideas are an interesting subject for discussion. There are two main schools of thought which following these two basic premises:

The Modernisers

'A home should be fit for the modern age and make use of modern techniques for comfort. Therefore there is nothing wrong with making use of techniques and methods such as double glazing, UPVC windows, making a front garden into paved off street parking, knocking down internal walls to facilitate open plan living. Modern flat packed furniture can look good in any interior. Period property renovation does not mean living in Victorian conditions in the modern age.'

The Sympathetic Renovators

'A Victorian property is usually purchased at a higher price than a comparable modern property. If a purchaser is paying a premium for the character, it is a reasonable assumption that this character is appreciated by the purchaser. In which case it follows that it makes more sense to restore the house to it’s former glory whilst trying to make use of modern techniques for comfortable living. Anything that could not have been present in the period of the house is sacrilege and wrong within the parameters of a sympathetic Victorian house renovation. The only furniture suitable for a Victorian house is antiques or at least pre 1930s'

Victorian house renovation ideas

What's the best way to renovate a house?

Most people will find themselves somewhere between these two camps, wishing to choose things that they like whilst not disrespecting the interior design of their house. If you spend some time reading books, magazines and articles on the internet on Victorian house renovation ideas, you will form some kind of knowledge base. You can vastly add to this by visiting Victorian properties, from St Pancras station to William Morris’ Red House to Hughenden Manor. These properties may be on a different scale to your house but this does not mean that the lessons you can learn from they are not relevant to your project. From this learning process, you will be able to  make decisions about what will complement your house and what will detract from it’s style. Once you have read about what others think, you can more easily have a valid opinion and faith in your own decisions. Victorian house renovation ideas can be personal - there is no answer that is 100% right or wrong and adapting Victorian house interior design to our busy lives and modern day demands is an evolving process.

Good luck!

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