Wooden Mouldings

Wooden mouldings are designed to enhance the interior of any room in the house. We provide traditional styles of wooden mouldings such as skirting, architrave, coving, dado and picture rail along with more orante hand carved decorations which create a feature of highlight and shadow. Most can be affixed to surfaces with adhesive or with larger pieces, pins or screw fixings may be required. Most wooden mouldings are available in pine or redwood (a type of pine) and also some other woods such as Oak, Sapele, Ash, Cherry or Maple. They can be sealed and left as a wood finish or painted.

1520mm x 30mm x 15mm

Price £61.80

1520mm x 55mm W x 25mm

Price £85.80

1520mm L x 123mm W x 53mm

Price £170.04

1830mm x 15 x 8mm

Price £23.40

1524mm x 12mm x 10mm

Price £58.32

91mm High x 45mm Wide x 30mm deep

Price £21.60

325mm high x 102mm wide x 90mm deep

Price £94.80

300mm high x 97mm wide x 72mm deep

Price £67.20

377mm high x 124mm wide or 160mm deep

Price £76.80

225mm high x 75mm wide x 55mm deep

Price £67.20

300mm high x 100mm wide or 135 x 83 inc. capping

Price £73.20

140mm high x 127mm x 127mm

Price £61.62

230mm x 415mm x 415mm

Price £396.00

464mm x 610mm x 610mm

Price £1,014.00

975mm high x 150mm wide x 190mm deep - max. projection 185mm

Price £393.12

533mm diam x 35mm

Price £182.40

130mm high x 52mm wide x 35mm deep

Price £16.68

122mm high x 55mm wide x 35mm deep

Price £26.40

100mm high x 45mm wide x 30mm deep

Price £24.60

50mm high x 850mm long x 13mm thick

Price £50.40

190mm high x 82mm wide x 45mm deep

Price £40.20

203mm high x 35mm wide x 95mm deep

Price £16.44

445mm high x 95mm wide x 290mm deep

Price £96.72

382mm high x 64mm wide x 190 deep or 90mm wide x 205mm deep inc. capping

Price £85.80

240mm high x 150mm wide x 165mm deep

Price £52.80

305mm high x 280mm wide x 220mm deep but 360mm high x 240mm deep inc. capping

Price £135.56

120mm high x 65mm wide x 38mm deep

Price £21.12

275mm high x 102mm wide x 76mm deep

Price £85.80

300mm high x 205mm wide x 90mm deep

Price £96.00

70mm high x 310mm wide x 13mm

Price £22.80