Encaustic 1.5” square tile - design 5


Encaustic 1.5” square tile - design 5
  • Encaustic 1.5” square tile - design 5


Encaustic 1.5" 2 colour tile

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The Victorian House

If you think that Victorian means stuffy, buttoned-up, prudish and gloomy think again because the Victorian period is probably the most diverse, evolutionary and positive in recent history.

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History of Tiles

Tile as we know it dates from c4,700 B.C. in Egypt while glass tiles were popular in 2,500 B.C. At Wittenham in Oxfordshire masses of Roman roof tiles were discovered in 2004 indicating that large

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Which tiles to use in a Victorian house

When renovating your home, the following information should help you to choose Victorian style floor tiles that are appropriate for the different areas in the house.

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Victorian Props

If you are designing the set for a TV or Film or indeed stage production set in the Victorian era you will undoubtedly require an array of Victorian Props to recreate the environments in which the action will take place. The Victorian era is currently a very popular setting –…

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