Tongue and groove panelling

We sell a selection of widths of tongue and groove wood panelling along with a choice of capping profiles to fit on top of the tongue and groove panelling. These items are available in a choice of Redwood and various hardwoods. Tongue and groove panelling is very Victorian and commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens with eggshell paint applied in a neutral colour providing a semi waterproof finish. Most commonly this panelling will finish at a height of around 1 metre. You may wish to batten out behind the panelling so that it doesn't sit flush on your brick or rendered wall. This can cause it to dry out and shrink and then crack because of the different expansion temperatures of the wall and the wood. Use a wider width of panelling for a larger panelled area. For a smaller room, it's best to use a smaller width of tongue and groove to give the illusion of space. If you are looking for tongue and groove panelling for bathrooms you may also want to consider our MDF wall panelling kits.