Victorian Fireplaces

We sell a beautiful range of Victorian cast iron fireplaces, all taken from original period fireplace designs and authentically reproduced. To complement and enhance our traditional Victorian fireplaces, we also sell fireplace surrounds, fireplace inserts, fire baskets and fireplace tiles to complete the period style.

Period designs to suit any style

Enhance and augment Victorian style homes or add period charm to more modern rooms with Victorian style fireplaces.

Within our wide range of Victorian fireplace styles, from elegant and understated designs to the intricate and highly decorative pieces the era is celebrated for, you’ll find the perfect fireplace for any style or taste.

Cast from authentic traditional fireplace designs

Our cast iron fireplaces are cast from authentic and historic designs to deliver a stunning vintage aesthetic.

At The Victorian Emporium, you can find beautifully designed and carefully crafted pieces in a variety of styles all lovingly curated by our expert team.

Choose from Gothic styles dating back to 1880, vibrant and Art Nouveau styles taken from circa 1890 as well as Late Era and Arts and Crafts styles from 1900.

Create your perfect fireplace

Combine our cast iron designs with our selection of stunning accessories and elements to create the perfect fireplace to suit your style. Inserts can truly define the style of a fireplace with both decorative tiled and cast iron options available.

Our fireplace tiles are available in a range of highly decorative art deco and floral designs and offer beautiful design combined with modern performance. Complete the look with our gorgeous selection of elegant oak, pine and cast iron fireplace surrounds.