Curtain Fabric and Upholstery Fabric

We supply a fantastic selection of curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics for the Victorian home from stunning silks to pretty flowered patterns and luxurious damasks. For fabrics that are historically correct for the period of your home, please look under the Historical Collection. For less exclusive fabrics for which we have no specific historical information, but are however perfectly suited to the period home, please look under the other fabric collections. For Upholstery and Curtain fabrics, large patterns work well on large pieces of furniture such as sofas or on curtains for tall windows. Small patterns should be chosen for small items of upholstery and blinds and curtains for smaller windows. Pattern repeats are given for most of our fabrics. Prices given for all fabrics are per metre.

140cm, 80cm 57% Cotton 43% Linen

Price £132.00

138cm, 94cm 60% viscose 40% cotton

Price £144.00

135cm, 76.5cm 38% Cotton 38% Viscose 24% Silk

Price per m £144.00

137cm, 42.5cm 75% Rayon 25% Silk

Price per m £198.00

134cm, 33cm 52% Silk 48% Cotton

Price per m £156.00

134cm, 61cm Cotton wool silk

Price per m £192.00

132cm 12cm Wool/silk/metal

Price per m £144.00

144cm, 92cm 100% Silk

Price per m £198.00

140cm, 55cm Wool/Cotton

Price per m £144.00

124cm, 30.5cm 43% Cotton 30% Silk 27% Wool

Price per m £198.00

130cm, 58cm 63% Cotton 18% Viscose 13% Silk

Price per m £156.00

145cm 9cm Wool

Price per m £108.00

170cm 85cm Wool/Linen

Price per m £115.20

134cm, 68cm 42% Viscose 40% Cotton 14% Flax 4% Polyester

Price per m £126.00

145cm 40cm Wool or Wool/linen

Price per m £115.20

142cm, 16cm 100% Silk

Price per m £84.00

145cm 77cm Wool

Price per m £115.20

130cm, 98cm 63% Cotton 29% Silk 8% Viscose

Price per m £258.00

145cm 29cm Wool

Price per m £115.20

137cm, 71.5cm 35% Cotton 65% Acetate

Price per m £118.80

124cm, 182cm 57% Rayon 24% Cotton 19% Silk

Price per m £198.00

145cm, 25cm Wool/Bourette silk

Price per m £115.20

141cm, 56cm 25% Silk 75% Viscose

Price per m £204.00

134cm, 83cm 30% Cotton 28% Silk 42% Wool

Price per m £186.00

132cm, 31.5cm 41% Cotton 34% Viscose 14% Silk

Price per m £162.00

124cm, 106cm 62% Wool 29% Cotton 9% Silk

Price per m £210.00

139cm, 12cm 100% Silk

Price per m £222.00

134cm, 33cm 39% Cotton 34% Silk 27% Wool

Price per m £144.00

124cm, 31cm 90% Cotton (Cotton Chenille) 10% Silk

Price per m £180.00

140cm, 81cm 60% Silk 40% Viscose

Price per m £216.00