Anaglypta Relief Wallpaper

Anaglypta wallpaper traditionally imitated stucco, embossed leather or wood panels. Anaglypta paper is available in a wide range of different wallpaper designs with patterns featuring a small repeat, larger repeat and as dado panels which are paintable textured patterns that look great when painted using one or more paint colours.  The second paint colour can be used to provide highlights. This textured wallpaper is also known as relief wallpaper and is applied using a standard wallpaper paste. If you want a thicker more hardwearing textured wallcovering, please also look at our Lincrusta patterns, which are a heavyweight version of the paintable wallpaper.

Anaglypta Wallpaper Applications

You need to pay special attention when ordering to allow enough for pattern matching and this is essential to observe when hanging the wallpaper. It looks most effective painted in a rich deep colour, using emulsion paint.

You can clean your painted anaglypta with a weak soapy water solution and a soft cloth if it gets grubby. Better still just apply an additional coat of paint every couple of years to keep it looking it's best. If you have too many thick layers of paint however it will obscure the details in the pattern so don't repaint unless it needs it. With damage from everyday knocks and wear and tear, this can usually be disguised with paint (assuming it was painted in the first place).