Where to buy period lighting


Where to buy period lighting

Without using period style accessories including period lighting in your Victorian home renovation, the whole renovation can end up looking cheap and badly done.  The finishing touches are those that make the most impact on the viewer. So period light switches and a period chandelier will make more of an impression than your choice of floor stain. Many Victorian features that you are wishing to restore or replace can be ornate and imposing. But if teamed up with accessories that are appropriate to the period, they will just look right. However a magnificent Victorian hallway with a mosaic tiled floor with a modern light can just all look badly chosen and vulgar.

Here are some tips about where to buy period lighting for your house renovation without breaking the bank.

Can you use reclaimed lighting in your house?

Reclamation yards may have period lighting, not in the best condition and not wired adequately for modern day electrical testing certification. However if you have an electrician that is willing to help, for an hour or so of his time, you can transform what is a piece of junk into a fully functioning  piece of lighting. This is a way of saving a lot of money on antique lighting.

outdoor wall light

Many antique shops have beautiful period lights for sale including chandeliers and brass lanterns. However the issue with these is twofold. Often they are prohibitively expensive. And if you are after several matching lights to use in one room, such as a series of wall sconces, these may be difficult to source. Antique lighting is worth the cost and effort for a light to be used in a prominent location, such as a hallway or dining room. You will always feel that you have something truly unique with a history behind it.

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There is a great choice of shops and websites that specialise in reproduction period lighting such as www.thevictorianemporium.com. Here reproductions of period lights are sold along with modern day equivalents that use many of the decorative elements of period lights, allowing you to purchase period style lighting on a budget. These lights will come with guarantees and appropriate ratings and you're not potentially taking a safety risk by using them in your period lighting scheme.

Victorian Lighting Collection

The Victorian Emporium sells a vast range of reproduction period lighting at affordable prices. If you buy period lighting for your Victorian renovation, it will add the wow factor to your finished project.

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