VE Architectural Services - a product specification service for architects and designers


We have launched a product specification service aimed at architects and designers. We work with a wide range of professionals, including architects, who will typically specify for the building contractors, a ‘shopping list’ of products to be included in the project including the manufacturer or retailer’s name and contact details along with product codes or names.

Often, we will be contacted several times a day from 5 different builders who are tendering for the same piece of work, with a shopping list of the same products from 20 different product suppliers.

Our new specification service means that we can save architects considerable time by offering a single point of contact for busy professionals to help define, using our knowledge of period properties, specify and fulfil their ‘shopping lists’ by proposing solutions for them.

This work involves the knowledge and contacts that we literally have at the tips of our fingers. Essentially, we’re doing the leg work for them, in a much shorter amount of time, rather than them having to trawl the internet and directories to find the products to add to their list.

As we continue to directly speak with architects, our insight into their needs is second to none and we are able to advise on the diverse range of products and information they might require such as lead times, suitable materials and durability of products. The products we can provide include traditional glass, coving, architrave, skirting, dado, panelling, flooring, tiles for walls, floors and fireplaces, fireplaces, cast iron radiators, radiator covers, lighting, bathroom and kitchen fittings, for example.

We are also able to point out which products are right for particular eras and to help with designing bespoke products such as period mouldings in plaster, wood and stone.

At the end of the day, we’re passing on our industry knowledge to other professionals in the business, and helping to buy them some extra time further down the line, as well!

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