How to use bathroom shelves


How to use bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelves are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different usages. Chrome is the obvious choice in bathrooms to match other fixtures and fittings, and if it’s of a good quality it won’t rust. Many have rails on them to prevent the contents sliding off the shelf. Hotel bathrooms provide a good source of inspiration about how to be space efficient in a bathroom and where to locate shelfs for convenience.

What can bathroom shelves be used for?

Bathroom shelves can be used for toothbrushes, soap and the like and be situated above bathroom sinks and below bathroom mirrors. It’s important that the shelf matches and style and colours of the sink and taps therefore if you have chrome taps, choose a chrome bathroom shelf. Other finishes may start to look unhygienic over time. Another useful place to position a bathroom shelf is above the bath. Traditional style claw foot baths do not have a suitable area to store shampoo and soap, so a bathroom shelf will ensure that these items are kept within easy reach. Alternatively you could use a chrome bath rack for this purpose however glass should be avoided due to obvious safety concerns of it smashing over the bath.Large bathroom shelfs or towel racks can also be used high up to keep towels. Your bathroom may suit bespoke shelfs to be made for this purpose or you could use a chrome bathroom shelf fixed onto the wall high up above the shelf. The advantage with the chrome bathroom shelf is that the non solid nature allows the towels to dry due to the circulation of the air. The shelf should not be overloaded otherwise the towels will not air properly.c

Edwardian bathroom shelves tend to be finished in chrome with glass shelfs. Buy the best quality of shelf you can afford as this is an object that will be used many times per day. All fixtures in the home that you touch regularly i.e. door handles, switches and bathroom shelves should be of a good robust quality; this will give pleasure and aid the general appreciation and confidence in the construction of the building as a whole. You can get some great robe hooks, toilet roll holders, soap holders and toothbrush holders to match.

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It’s really important that fixings for bathroom shelves are robust and fit for purpose. The last thing you would want is a glass shelf smashing into the bath or sink. Use raw plugs in walls and do not overload shelfs with excessively heavy bottles. Try to store some of your bathroom products in your bathroom cabinet to prevent your bathroom from appearing cluttered.

All shelfs should be located at a suitable height for access to all members of the family.

Bathroom shelves need to be cleaned with bathroom cleaner but do not use anything that is too abrasive as this will damage the shelf. Limescale remover may be required from time to time but you should always check the manufacturers details for cleaning instructions so as not to damage the product.

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