How To Use Victorian Wallpaper Designs In Your Home


How To Use Victorian Wallpaper Designs In Your Home

If you own a period or Victorian property, you can authentically recreate a feeling of living in the midst of history by carrying out a faithful restoration – by using Victorian wallpaper designs you can not only create a house that feels unique, but also using careful research, choose a wallpaper that was designed close to the date your house was built and first decorated to make your house a piece of living history. 

Wallpapers, expensive as they were, were used only in the house’s public rooms such as parlours, dining rooms and hallways. Family bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms tended to be painted or tiled.

Triad Victorian wallpaper design

What are the different types of traditional wallpapers available?

The types of historic wallpapers available fall into two main categories: Relief wallpapers and decorative wallpapers.

Relief wallpapers include but are not limited to Lincrusta wallpaper and Anaglypta wallpaper. Relief wallpaper typically features a raised 3 dimensional pattern and are white or off white in colour. Once on the wall they meant to be painted and this can be done using a single colour or a base colour with highlights or other paint effects. Lincrusta is very thick and heavy and was the first washable wallcovering, invented by Frederick Walton whose father pioneered the linoleum floor covering in the 1860s, hence it’s durable and heavy nature. It requires cutting and soaking before hanging in order to soften the wallpaper and avoid cracking.

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Anaglypta was invented in 1887 by Thomas Palmer in Lancaster and is much more similar in nature to a standard type of wallpaper with no special techniques required to hang it. It can be used in a similar way to Lincrusta with special highlight paint effects applied to create a stunning finish.

Anaglypta wallpaper

Patterned wallpapers are available in many original Victorian designs and although expensive, do not need to be purchased in vast quantities in order to use them to create a feature in your home. The Victorian wallpaper design style was to use patterned wallpaper between the dado rail and the picture rail mouldings only, so in the average sized room in a Victorian house this will equate to around 1 roll of wallpaper or less per wall by the time the square meterage of windows and doors is deducted.

Some examples of historic wallpaper:

Shrewsbury Welby: c.1845 A complex and boldly coloured design, this was designed by Pugin for the Earl of Shrewsbury for Ingestre Hall

Shrewsbury Welby

Triad: c.1848 A powerful geometric design, this was submitted by Pugin as part of his portfolio for the redecoration of the Royal Apartments in the Palace of Westminster

Triad wallpaper

Amicia: c.1885 Discovered on the walls of the Billiard Room at Stokesay Court, Shropshire, this is undoubtedly Chinese in inspiration, and as such reflects the 19th century fascination with chinoiserie

Amicia Wallpaper


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