Plinth 110mm x 35mm


Plinth 110mm x 35mm
  • Plinth 110mm x 35mm
  • Plinth 110mm x 35mm

Wooden plinth for period style houses

UK Delivery

For all wooden mouldings ordered, total delivery cost (extra charges may apply for Scotland): £21.30

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Price from £5.35
Delivery: 2-5 days

Select your total meterage (in whole metres only), then add any specific lengths you may need below. You may wish to order specific lengths because you do not wish to have joins in obvious positions e.g. long runs.

10% Extra

Qty: x Metres + Wooden mouldings are supplied at random lengths between 1.8m and 5.1m, which will total up to the full meterage ordered. If you require a specific length of wood, please specify the minimum length that you require. We will try to ensure that you are sent lengths of wood to cover the size you specify. However stocks are variable and the choice of lengths may be restricted at times.

Price to Pay: £5.352

Product Description

Product information

Plinth 110mm x 35mm random length (per m)
Comes in a choice of 4 woods: Redwood, Oak, Ash, Sapele
Select the number of metres you require
Sold in lengths of between 2.4m and 4.8m. If you require particular lengths, please use the length selector