Square wall panelling - small


Square wall panelling - small
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Each open backed panel is 1200mm high and 400mm wide. Designed to be used with edging/beading, dado and skirting.

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Each £17.00
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Product Information

Product information

This design is meant to be "stacked" one above the other to allow it to be taken to any height. As the panels are square rather than rectangular they can be turned through 90 degrees and used horizontally as well as vertically giving an even greater choice of finished heights.
​A useful shortcut to create period style panelling in your reception rooms that would otherwise be much more time consuming to create. ​They are made from moisture resistant MDF. Price is per open backed panel

No back panel is supplied with this product so the wall behind will show through. If your plastered walls aren't perfectly flat don't worry - you can apply thin 6mm mdf on the wall before attaching the panels to give a perfect finish.
9mm thick
Dado, skirting and edging sold separately

The panels with a perforated design (we call this Open Backed) require a reasonably good condition surface as this will still be seen where there square/rectangular cut outs. However this allows the panels to be “handed” so that installation is much easier (and cheaper!) than using a solid backed system. It also means that the panelling encroaches less into your room space. If the wall surface is not ideal it can always be lined first with a 6mm sheet of MDF glued to the wall and then our panels can be applied to this, but often a bit of surface filler and, of course, the eggshell paint finish will normally suffice. 

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