Choosing Victorian Door Knobs, Handles, And Furniture


Choosing Victorian Door Knobs, Handles, And Furniture

Victorian door knobs, handles and furniture are a key element of ironmongery for both the interior and the exterior of a house, and this is especially the case for period properties. We have all seen the impressive and interesting designs chosen for front door knockers and door knobs on Victorian front doors. These were usually selected or commissioned as a set with the door knob, door knocker, letterbox and bell all matching, often made from cast brass or iron painted black.

After the gate, the door knocker or door knob and the door bell would usually be the first items to be connected to the house and touched by any visitors and as such the home owner would want the first impression to count and for the visitor to get a flavour of the good taste of the house owners. Centre door knobs are a popular addition with many attractive designs available.

What's the right type of door handle in a Victorian house?

For door handles for the internal doors on a house, brass is a traditional and fitting finish in a Victorian home although other finishes such as glass, chrome, bone, wood or porcelain may add to the interior finish without detracting from the period of the property. Round turning knobs are commonly used but some people find more difficult to grip and turn, especially if they have become worn and stubborn over the years. Round knobs are available in many attractive designs including porcelain and bone stripes and cut glass, a lovely touch for bedrooms and walk in wardrobes. 

Beehive handle

The Victorian Emporium's Ebony Mortice/Rim Beehive Knob Set

Lever handles also work well and are simpler to use – many of them are decorated with monkey tails and intricate designs cut into solid backplates. 

lever handle


Pull handles on the other hand are only suitable for doors that are self closing where a turning handle is not required. These are relatively modern in design and would work with roller latches but beware of nylon roller bolts - these date from the 1930s onwards - not very Victorian (and a "must not" for anyone tying to restore a Victorian property back to it's original style).These again can be chosen in many different finishes and designs.

Victorian Ironmongery Collection

Round turning knobs are fairly easy to fit if replacing existing handles, being screwed into place on either side of the door with the centre section connecting them through the wood. This is the same for lever handles. Pull handles are the easiest to fit as the handles on either side of the door do not have to connect up and there is no need to drill through the door.


The Victorian Emporium sells a wide variety of door knobs, handles, door bells and other door accessories to suit period homes.

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