Source Period Features to Recreate a Victorian Interior


​At The Victorian Emporium, we offer a service which helps you source period features and products needed in order to recreate a Victorian interior you may have seen and wished to reproduce in your own home or indeed on a film, TV or photographic set.

How can I create a Victorian interior?

Leave all the hard work to us. Simply email us a photograph of what you are trying to recreate and we will send you links to the products which you can use to recreate the scene you covet. We may also send you links to other resources where we don't sell any similar products such as antique paintings or furniture. Email [email protected] for help.

Example below:

Corridor in Osborne House

Recreate a victorian interior like the Osborne house hallwayRecreate a victorian interior like the Osborne house



Dado rail:


Decorative radiator cover:


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