How to find Victorian Props for your TV, Film or Stage production


How to find Victorian Props for your TV, Film or Stage production

If you are designing the set for a TV or Film or indeed stage production set in the Victorian era you will undoubtedly require an array of Victorian Props to recreate the environments in which the action will take place. The Victorian era is currently a very popular setting – think of recent TV programmes, films and plays such as Poldark, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Mrs Brown, Far from the Madding Crowd, Emma, Sweeney Tood – the era includes all of the film, TV and stage productions based on the books of Victorian-era authors such as Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, The Brontes and Jane Austin. 

Sometimes complete interiors and exteriors will need to be recreated within a studio environment where a location is not available or suitable, and every item needs to be sourced with of course the certainty that the item is suitable for the year in which your production is based. For the stage the challenge can be even greater where items need to be able to be moved on and off the stage quickly and easily and space is at a premium.

period street scene

What kinds of props does the Victorian Emporium provide?

The Victorian Emporium can help with sourcing your period interior items. From Persian patterned stair runner carpets to recreate that grand staircase down which the protagonist will sweep; to period lighting including lamp posts, wall lights and pendant lights to light the street scenes or lavish interiors; to ironmongery items such as period door knockers, door handles and hinges at whose door the character will arrive, we sell many reproduction items in traditional materials that will help you recreate that period scene easily.

We have provided products to many UK studios for their productions at places such as Shepperton Studios (decorative hinge fronts), Ealing Studios (wall and pedestal lanterns for Bastille Day film), Elstree Film Studios (rustic cupboard handles), Leavesden Studios (period door knocker), Bay Studios (curtain poles and finials). We know that deadlines can be tight in the film, TV and stage production industry and we can usually deliver in the timescale you require if you make us aware of your target dates when you make your initial enquiry. For larger orders we may also be able to consider some sort of discount – again please ask about this when you make your initial enquiry.

Typically a  period or historical drama interior set design may require the following Victorian props that The Victorian Emporium can provide:

What products can make a street scene appear more Victorian?

A Victorian exterior set including the outside of a house or row of houses may require the following Victorian props which are available from The Victorian Emporium:

  • Exterior wall tiles typically used to tile pub exteriors, stations and porches
  • Stone or wooden decorative corbels used on the exterior walls of houses
  • Cast iron pedestrian or driveway gates and railings
  • Street lights, lampposts, pedestal lanterns and wall lights
  • Hardwood decorative mouldings for the exterior of buildings
  • victorian_props_philadelphia_lights-683-650

Other items that would need to be sourced, and the most obvious choice for which are antique dealers:

  • Furniture
  • Mirrors
  • Silverware
  • Tableware

And the following Victorian props to create old street scenes would best be sourced from a reclamation yard

  • Cobblestones
  • Old bricks
  • Old roof tiles
  • Old oak beams
  • Flagstones

Please contact us via email or telephone on 01525 750333 to discuss your requirements should you need help, advice or to discuss lead times for various items required for your production.

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