Introducing the Victorian Sarah Beeny


Introducing the Victorian Sarah Beeny

Many of you may well have avidly watched television programmes such as Property Ladder with Sarah Beeny, The Renovation Man with George Clarke and Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud. Maybe you’ve been looking back at your own home renovations projects and wished that in the difficult times, you could have benefitted from their morale boost, injection of enthusiasm and sounding board. With our first few period renovation projects, we felt the same. Like us, many people take on renovation projects without necessarily understanding all that the project will entail both in terms of emotional, physical and financial pressure.

However period properties are irresistible to us – we can see the beauty of the period features hidden behind the quick fixes, covered up fireplaces and often the many years of neglect. We like to think that the house has chosen us to bring it back to life and love it again. There are some people who may think we are mad . Like with rescue dogs who have those pleading eyes and rusty old cars in need of restoration, we feel the calling. I guess you either have a grand passion for old houses or you just don’t.

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The great thing about the aforementioned TV presenters is that despite their training or experience (architect, property developer, designer) they can see the potential from the outset. Sarah, George and Kevin can see the big picture that encompasses the period property but is not limited to finances, aesthetics and  the history of the property. They can assess the building’s structural integrity, vernacular interior design, the sense of it making a great home, and the possible resale value. They are not constrained by having a particular narrow interest in the property. They also relate well to the renovators, their needs and requirements and how they are feeling at different stages of the project. As parents themselves, they can even anticipate the pressure to move out into temporary accommodation on the project budget. They’ve seen it all many times and know that this is how many hasty and bad decisions come about.

Where can novice renovators get help?

Inspired by the number of calls we get from renovators who in the midst of their project, feel they are completely out of their depth and need advice and help, we came up with the idea for our renovation project management service. This service is designed specifically for homeowners with a period property renovation project for whom issues whether large or small can appear insurmountable. Often this is not helped by builders who understandably just want to get the project finished in the most profitable and stress free way for themselves. They may not always be appreciative of period features and the quirks of old buildings. When we receive these calls, it’s good to see the building for ourselves so we are able to advise on a range of issues like whether the floorboards can be restored or whether the damp walls would benefit from French Drains.

If you feel that talking your project through with somebody with the experience of many successful renovation projects would help you, then do please get in touch. We have experienced all the highs and lows of renovations of Tudor and Victorian properties, and have seen all the challenges renovation projects bring. We can’t claim to be Sarah Beeny but we think we come a pretty close second and our visit will not entail a TV crew recording your every high and low.

Or to find out more about our Victorian house refurbishment project management service, please call Emma on 01525 750333 or email her on [email protected]

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