Types of Victorian Exterior Lighting


Types of Victorian Exterior Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves a number of different functions. It can be used for the illumination of say your driveway or entrance making it easier to retrieve your keys etc. Outdoor lights are also used for the purposes of home security – burglars are averse to lights and you will feel safer if you can see your way from your car or gate to your front door. As well as the practical benefits of outdoor lighting there is a notable aesthetic advantage too. A well planned outdoor lighting scheme will gracefully enhance and balance a garden. When night falls your garden can still be enjoyed and become beautifully alluring with the right kind of Victorian exterior lighting.

What are the different types of exterior lights you can use?

There are a number of different types of outdoor lighting you can use. These can be as decorative or plain as you wish – they will still fulfil the same function of providing light. There is a lot of choice in reproductions of period lights that will enhance a Victorian home. You may choose a lamp post if you have a large driveway.

lamp post

A period lamp post with a copper, brass or black lantern will look good and give out lots of light because of it’s height and will not require a very bright lamp.

The Victorian Emporium's Wadebridge hanging light

The Victorian Emporium's Wadebridge hanging light

If you have a porch with a high enough ceiling a hanging pendant light will be a good choice because again it will give out lots of light if located high up. On the outside of a garage or by your front door you may choose an outdoor wall light – period style lanterns are available in many different designs and a variety of finishes including black, bronze, brass, chrome and green finishes.

porch lighting

The Victorian Emporium's Stow wall light

Lastly you may wish to put pedestal lanterns on your gate piers either side of your gate which creates a welcoming entrance and is useful for locating your house in the dark if you live on a long road. For more advice about how to create an attractive entrance to your house see our article on recreating the original Victorian entrance.

The Victorian Emporium's pedestal lantern

The Victorian Emporium's pedestal lantern

Switching for all of these should be located within easy reach of your front or back door or inside your garage for any lighting located near to your garage. Any of these lights can be used with a PIR so that it goes on when it detects somebody approaching the vicinity of the light.

You need to make sure that your outdoor lights are all suitable for outdoor use, namely that they are safe from water ingress. Lights that are suitable are IP44 rated or higher.

Victorian Lighting Collection

It is important with any of these outdoor lights that you get the right level of light. If you have neighbours close by, think about them and how your lights may disturb them if you come home late a night or if your lamp is too close to a road and light pollution becomes prejudicial to health or a nuisance. You may need to check with your local authority your intended location.

All lighting in dwellings and associated buildings must comply with the relevant standards and must be installed by a professional electrician to comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. Part P also applies to electrical installations located in outbuildings such as detached garages, sheds and greenhouses and to garden lighting.


The Victorian Emporium sells a wide range of design for all your period outdoor lighting needs including lamp posts, pedestal lights, hanging lights and wall lights.

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