Your own Victorian Property Buying Agent


Your own Victorian Property Buying Agent

Part of our Victorian property consultancy service encompasses a service to help you make the right decision when considering purchasing a period renovation project. We’d be delighted to provide you with your very own period property buying agent or adviser specialising in the purchase of Victorian period properties.We have many years of experience in purchasing, renovating and selling period properties successfully.

Success in property buying starts by buying for a fair price and having a realistic view of what work is essential and desirable to enhance the property. It can often also require obtaining planning/listed building consent and of course it is important that you carry out your house refurbishment for the most reasonable cost possible.  For most of you, success will also mean selling the property for a price that makes all your hard work and stress worthwhile and doesn’t just cover the investment you’ve made.

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What advice is available when looking to buy a period property?

We can help you approach this journey of Victorian house refurbishment project management so that you benefit from our experience as period property renovators.  We understand the almost blinding experience of falling for a period property, however as your Victorian property buying agent, we can ensure you fall for the best option and achieve your period property home refurbishment dream from a realistic and pragmatic perspective. Common challenges we’ve seen people face when purchasing a period property are:

  • Buying a property above market value, especially when sealed bids are involved.
  • Over-spending on vanity projects that may not provide a return on your investment, such as an £ kerching kitchen or a swimming pool.
  • Buying a property that is listed or in a conservation area where grand plans for extending or changing the property layout may meet with planning issues.
  • Buying a property with serious structural or other issues for a price that does not reflect those issues.
  • Buying a property in an up and coming location or area under-going gentrification and for example next to a busy road or in a high crime area again where the price does not reflect those issues.
  • Buying a total wreck as your first renovation project without any knowledge and experience of working with old buildings.

When buying a renovation project, whether you wish to use the property as your long term family home or renovate and sell on for a profit, it is essential to purchase at the right price, spend the right amount on doing work on which you will achieve a positive return at resale. Renovations may become stressful and time consuming so we suggest your focus includes a clear plan of your financial benefit expectation at project completion. We want you to feel the benefit of making the right decisions from the start.

That’s where the Victorian Emporium buying agent service can help you. We would love to accompany you to house viewings, advise on the pros and cons of various properties, helpfully point out issues that must be addressed in a house you are viewing and the budget necessary to resolve those issues, and also provide suggestions on changes you might make to the property to increase it’s value and desirability when the time comes to sell it. We can help you prioritise so that the house refurbishment project is managed well from the outset. This is an essential service for people looking to purchase a period property which needs work without the necessary experience to draw on.  You don’t need to possess all the knowledge and experience because we want to share ours with you so you feel fully confident about making the best purchasing decision for your budget and property aspirations.

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Our buying agent service spans many disciplines and is not a service offered by architects, surveyors, builders or estate agents who each have their own specific area of interest and expertise. Our Victorian property buying agent service can be booked on a half day basis or for longer depending on the location and number of properties you’d like to view together.

We’d like to be with you from this point before offers are submitted to estate agents so you can benefit from our expertise and insight at the negotiation stage too. The charge for this Victorian property buying agent service on a half day basis would usually allow for the viewing of 1 or 2 properties in the same area plus a consultation afterwards. We would suggest that this is done after you have viewed a property at least once and before you put your offer in.

You may also enjoy reading our article full of tips and advice from our customers about what to look out for when purchasing an old house.

Please call Emma for more details on our Property Buying Agent Service on 01525 750333 or email [email protected] for more details. Our property buying agent services are offered together or independantly of our comprehensive and highly capable house refurbishment project management services.

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