Create your own Victorian-style garden


Create your own Victorian-style garden

The Victorian era is renowned for its elegance and grandeur. This historical period was also celebrated for its progressive thinking when it comes to gardening and landscaping – new and influential discoveries from this era included garden tools, lawnmowers and giant glasshouses. If you’ve always been a fan of the Victorian period, why not create your own Victorian-style garden and bring the past back to life? Even if you don't live in a Victorian period property, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate this romantic era into your garden.

Victorian gardens were formal and immaculately presented with defined sections and a strong emphasis on order and symmetry. Start by assessing the garden space that you have available, and decide how much of your garden you would like to dedicate to the Victorian era. There are lots of landscape designers available who can draw up plans for you, and there's even design software available online.

garden layout with herringbone path

To prepare your garden, you will probably need to do a lot of tidying and clearing to maximize your design space. Many people hire local tree surgery companies to assist with clearing, pruning or even tree removal.

Once your garden is ready for work to begin, you could create a well-manicured lawn in the centre of your garden, which will provide a focal point when guests come to visit. If there’s room, you could add in some wrought iron patio furniture in keeping with your Victorian theme. Rectangle ponds filled with goldfish were also quintessentially Victorian, and, if you'd really like to transform your garden space, walled garden areas were extremely popular. You could fill your walled garden with symmetrical flowerbeds or a selection of your favourite 19th Century perennials. For a nice finishing touch, you could edge your flowerbeds with terracotta tiles.

How can you further enhance your garden?

Ornaments could be another key aspect of your Victorian garden. Typical Victorian ornaments included sundials, bird baths, fountains, sculptures and statues. Garden ornaments are a real eye catcher and talking point for your garden. If you have enough space for a garden party or a summer lunch, gazebos were also extremely popular in Victorian times and will add a real sense of elegance to the occasion.

Garden centres are an excellent source of garden ormaments but also look at Reclamation Yards and business that sell architectural antiques. Many of these items have been ripped out of existing gardens when they were replanned or developed and there are a wealth of treasures out there for you to find.

Whether you choose to simply add Victorian-style furniture and ornaments to your garden, or opt for a full landscaped transformation, by dedicating your outdoor space to this inspirational era you can guarantee that your Victorian-style garden will be a real showstopper for many years to come.

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