Wooden or Brass Curtain Pole Brackets?


Wooden or Brass Curtain Pole Brackets?

Curtain pole brackets are one of those essential items that is often overlooked when thinking about and planning your curtains. Cheaper curtain pole sets will likely consist of a curtain pole, finials, curtain rings and curtain pole brackets all in a matching finish. However curtain pole sets tend to be offered in a smaller selection of finishes, widths and lengths than individually purchased curtain poles and accessories. Top quality brass and wood curtain poles are purchased with matching accessories but these are rarely sold as sets.

If purchasing solid brass or wood curtain poles in bespoke finishes, along with matching finials and rings, you are also likely to need to purchase wooden or brass curtain pole brackets. Curtain pole brackets can be purchased in finishes to match your curtain poles so that the whole effect is that of a set of curtain accessories. These complementary items can be purchased in brass with a number of different finishes applied to give an antiqued, burnished, bronze or other coloured finish. They can also be purchased in solid wood which can then be stained or painted, also with highlights or paint effects applied such as antiquing, picking out details of finials, combinations of colours and so on.

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What are the different types of curtain pole brackets and what are they for?

Curtain pole brackets are of two types. You can purchase end brackets of which you will need one for each end of your curtain pole. If your curtains are heavy or your curtain pole is over 2 metres long, you will also need to purchase a centre bracket. If your curtain pole is extremely long and your curtains really heavy, you may need to use more than one centre bracket, at regular intervals of approximately 1.2 metres along the length of your curtain pole.

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The Victorian Emporium's wooden curtain pole bracket

Curtain pole brackets can be static or extendable. Extendable brackets are useful where your curtain poles need to clear an obstacle in order for your curtains to hang straight. This obstacle is most commonly decorative or security shutters on the inside of your windows. You would want to avoid curtains bulging over shutters which would give a very untidy finish and an extendable curtain pole bracket makes this possible. Extendable brackets can be cut to the required extension for your particular window.

Curtain pole brackets are there to hold up curtain poles which are there to hold up your curtains. Consequently there is a lot of weight on your curtain pole brackets. These need to be fixed really securely into your wall. First decide at what height your curtain pole needs to hang in relation to your window. Draw a mark in pencil on your wall at the chosen height. Then using a spirit level to get a horizontal line, draw a line in pencil on your wall. Hold your curtain pole brackets on this line at either end of where your curtain pole will be positioned and determine where you need to drill your holes in order to fix the curtain pole brackets in the correct position. Mark the position of these holes with a pencil through the screw holes in the curtain pole bracket. Remove the brackets and drill the holes, first with a narrow drill bit, then with a larger drill bit to the required depth. Insert rawl plugs in the holes before then screwing on your curtain pole bracket.

In order to avoid damage to the wall through extra strain on your curtain pole brackets, be careful when opening and closing curtains that the curtains are not yanked. Over time this can make the curtain pole brackets to move within their fixings and sometimes even make the plaster around your rawl plugs crumble. Some people learn the hard way that asking children to open and close curtains is not labour saving in the long term!


The Victorian Emporium sell a wide range of curtain accessories including curtain pole brackets to match all their curtain poles including wood, brass, extendable and static brackets.

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