House refurbishment project management in Surrey and Berkshire


House refurbishment project management in Surrey and Berkshire

Renovating a period property can be daunting no matter how experienced you are. But for novice renovators who fall in love with a wreck with the idea of bringing it back to life, the reality could be somewhat less romantic than the dream. We offer help in Surrey, Berkshire and the surrounding counties for people chasing this dream.

Often renovators, even ones with a few properties under their belts, get bogged down in the drudgery of the project and subsequently lose all enthusiasm and love for the property. We’ve seen many people face challenging times after the first year which is often full of frustrations and disagreements with planners, architects and builders, spiralling costs and slow progress.

That’s where we can help. The Victorian Emporium house refurbishment project management service can act as anything from a kind of motivational therapy to get you through the project and show you how to be realistic in your expectations but firm with your intentions, to taking over completely leaving you free to get on with your life whilst we take the strain. You can read our ultimate guide to period property renovation here.

To minimise the stress of any project, you need to understand it from the perspective of those you are obliged to work with. Your partners in this project, the people you cannot avoid, are all motivated by different things:

In our experience, planners are naturally opposed to new things being built or old things being changed.

Architects have chosen their career to show off their creativity and vision. They will need a clear brief to ensure their proposed plans are in keeping with the age and style of your period property and that your preferences to retain and improve these characteristics are achieved per the brief. In our experience, architects always need to be managed assertively so that the brief is adhered to in order to meet your needs.

Understanding what motivates your project partners is a key factor influencing the outcome of your project.  We’ve learned this through our experience of providing help on many projects in Surrey and Berkshire. We've shared our Victorian interior design ideas and knowledge about how to add value to your period home.

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The first thing to realise is that it is imperative to know what you want before you start work and brief anyone on your project. If we are involved right at the beginning, we can help you define your vision for your property and the parameters and must haves. We will discuss with you what’s realistic and what’s not, what’s likely to be accepted by the planners and conservation officer, potential costs and timescales and who would be able to help you achieve your goal and make your project successful and as smooth running as possible. Once that’s been defined, it will be a lot easier to communicate this clearly to anyone you are thinking of employing.

Natasha, a recent client experiencing a renovation crisis commented as follows: “Thank you to you and Simon for coming and sharing your great advice. I think the main thing I have taken from today is to be more decisive with what I want. Listening to your comments gives me the confidence in some of my thoughts are not way off track!"

It isn't always easy to know where to start when considering how to project manage a house renovation and so if you would like to find out more about our Period Property renovation project management service covering Surrey and Berkshire, please email [email protected] or call 01525 750333. You may also enjoy our article about things people wish they'd known before buing a period house.

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