Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Handles


Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Handles

Traditional kitchen cupboard handles can be purchased in many different styles, materials and price brackets. If you have a kitchen that is a little tired but budget does not allow you to simply replace, upgrading your kitchen cupboard handles and kitchen drawer knobs is an excellent way to revamp your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Handles in brass

How can you cheaply revamp your kitchen?

You can do this by replacing your current boring kitchen cupboard handles for something more interesting, combined with painting your cupboards. Specialist paint effects such as a distressed look can be achieved with a little time and effort, using good quality paints by a competent DIYer without having to resort to a professional. Antiqued effects can also be added using graphite paint. Combined with some wooden mouldings such as corbels to hold up your shelfs and cornice on top of your cupboards, your kitchen will be unrecognisable.

Many DIY chains sell excellent value kitchen cupboards but their handles tend to be quite basic and usually modern in style. Buying period style kitchen cupboard handles separately from an interesting selection such as those on our website can really make a budget kitchen look like something special. For a traditional cottage feel use inset cupboard doors painted in muted colours with porcelain handles, bone, brass or plain cupboard pulls. For something more glamorous choose crystal or glass handles in clear, red or olive colours. This will look more contemporary but will still fit within the period feel of your kitchen.

kitchen cupboard pulls


Victorian Kitchen Collection


Door handles on low kitchen units can be positioned high up the cupboard so that you do not have to bend down to open them. As you will use these handles day in day out for years to come, buy the best you can afford as a handle in a fabulous design will give you pleasure whenever you use it. All fixtures in the home that you touch regularly i.e. door handles should be of a good robust quality as this will aid the general appreciation and confidence in the construction of the building as a whole.

The Victorian Emporium sells a great choice of kitchen cupboard handles.

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