Organising a Victorian-Themed Fancy Dress Party


Organising a Victorian-Themed Fancy Dress Party

The Victorian era was a highly influential period of romance, elegance, grandeur and chivalry. For those of us lucky enough to live in a Victorian period home, restoring the property back to its original glory is a rewarding and enjoyable task. As well as making the very most of your home's best features, this is also an excellent way to add value to your house. And one very popular way to show off your fully restored, elegant and grand Victorian home is to throw a Victorian-themed party.

Dress to impress

One of the highlights of themed parties is in the dressing-up and the costumes. For a truly authentic Victorian-themed party, encourage your guests to dress in Victorian attire. You could hire historical fancy dress costumes from a specialist shop such as Altered Images in St Albans. Victorian clothes for your female guests should be decorative, feminine and lacy (and they mustn't forget their pearl necklaces!) and male guests can get into the spirit with a classic top hat or frock coat. Costumes create fantastic photo opportunities and will ensure that your party is an occasion your guests will never forget. You could print your party photos in black and white, to remain in keeping with your Victorian theme.

Fine Victorian touches

Arrange your food and drink in a way that makes the very most of your Victorian home. If you are particularly proud of your dining room, set out a typical Victorian buffet with cucumber sandwiches, olives and cheese, scones, small tarts and cakes - and don't forget the china tea set!

Garden parties are quintessentially Victorian; so if you are blessed with good weather then make the most of your outdoor space. You could play some background music from the Victorian era, and encourage your guests to quote famous lines from classic literature too! 

What did the Victorians do for fun?

Return to a world without technology with some classic Victorian games. Charades is a much-loved game for all the family and can be played inside or in the garden. Outdoor activities in keeping with Victorian tradition include croquet, lawn tennis, ball games or races.  Victorian games are a great way to keep younger guests occupied, and to ensure that everyone relives this influential and memorable period in style.
A Victorian-themed fancy dress party is an innovative and fun way to celebrate a housewarming or to show off your newly restored Victorian home. Your guests will love the challenge of finding suitable costumes, and classic food, decorations and games will provide the perfect finishing touches to make your Victorian celebrations come alive.

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