Victorian Sash Window Accessories


Victorian Sash Window Accessories

Sash windows are one of the most usual windows used in a Victorian house. Many Victorian houses also have casement windows. Both types of windows look great and you can fit Victorian style sliding sash window accessories so that they compliment your period home. These windows can be maintained by a competent DIYer given a little time and patience. Every few years, you may find that the paint is peeling and that they need freshening up. It is better to do this before the protective layers or paint have been significantly damaged and water is getting into the wood. Water ingress is paricularly common at joints and around the putty.

sash window accessories fastener

The Victorian Emporium's black casement fastener

Wooden sash windows can last for many, many years if properly looked after – just think of the number of original Victorian windows in Victorian properties to get confirmation of this. They can be painted any colour you wish to match other paintwork on your house - a trend at the moment is to paint them grey. UPVC Windows will need to be replaced periodically so in actual fact it can be a cost saving to keep your original sash windows and maintain them rather than replace them with UPVC. Your house is also more likely to be worth more to a buyer if it has its original windows or with like for like replacements. New wooden sash windows can include double glazing so it doesn’t mean compromising on thermal qualities.

The Victorian Emporium's decorative sash pull

The Victorian Emporium's decorative sash pull

Step 1 of a complete overhaul of your windows is to strip off all of the furniture. If the sashes do not go up and down without being yanked or getting stuck, you may need to replace the lifts and fasteners on them. Sometimes the rope or sash cord might have become damaged or broken and need replacing. To do this is fairly simple – you need to remove the sashes from the runners and pull out the side box. Also a sash may not slide because of paint build-up; again remove the sashes so that you can strip the paint and restore.You may wish at this stage to insert brushes into the sashes which helps to exclude drafts. An overhaul of a sash window is a straightforward job but you need to be methodical dismantling, repairing and putting the window back together. It maybe a job that could take most of a weekend but like all DIY jobs, if it’s done well it should not need to be looked at again for a number of years.

The Victorian Emporium's sash fastener

The Victorian Emporium's sash fastener

The Victorian Emporium sells a wide range of window furniture in brass, black and chrome (suitable for bathrooms) including:

Various types of casement fasteners and casement stays
Cast sash lifts
Flush bolts
Pins for flush fitting sash
Ring sash lifts
Sash handles
Sash lifts
Sash window axle pulleys
T handle fasteners

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