Choosing A Victorian Style Toilet Roll Holder


Choosing A Victorian Style Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet roll holders are an essential accessory for any bathroom. Toilet rolls if left on the floor or on top of the toilet can be unhygienic to use or fall in and block the toilet. A Victorian style roilet roll holder can help keep your bathroom tidy and hygienic whilst also adding to your period home.

What type of toilet roll holders complement a Victorian bathroom?

In a period style home there are a number of different designs of toilet roll holders that would be suitable alongside your Victorian toilet and can be matched with other chrome bathroom accessories.  These can be freestanding, which is sometimes not really that practical. Wood and brass and also porcelain designs are also fairly common amongst architectural antiques but are expensive and sometimes hard to source. However a Victorian toilet roll holder or Ornate spire toilet roll holder is the most usual period style toilet roll holder chosen – it needs the central piece to be taken off to then thread it through your toilet roll and fix back onto the frame. The curved or hooked toilet roll holder is also a popular choice and can be quicker for changing toilet rolls but the rolls can easily get knocked off onto the floor.

spire toilet roll holdersimple toilet roll holder

Two styles of toilet roll holder sold by The Victorian Emporium

The fixtures and fittings of your house that you touch daily should be of the best quality you can afford so that you can really enjoy your home. A bad quality toilet roll holder can be a daily irritation or one which is not fixed properly into the wall and which keeps coming apart or falling off the wall.

A toilet roll holder should be positioned at a comfortable height so that it easy to reach without having to move for all members of the family. Extra rolls can be stored either in a bathroom cabinet or in a basket on the floor if your bathroom space allows.

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Some Victorian toilet roll holders even had a piece of match strike material fixed onto them because of the Victorian habit of having a smoke in the toilet. Probably not a requirement for bathroom fixings nowadays.

The Victorian Emporium sells a great choice of bathroom accessories for Victorian and period bathrooms.

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