Choosing Victorian Style Bathroom Accessories


Choosing Victorian Style Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are not typically Victorian – only the house of the middle and upper classes would have had bathrooms in Victorian times. So if you live in a typical Victorian workers terraced house, a bathroom would have been a new introduction to your house possibly around the 1950s. As such if you wish to recreate an authentic Victorian bathroom you will never be recreating one that was in your house originally. Just this mere fact in itself gives you some artistic leeway when choosing Victorian style bathroom accessories for your home. 

The key things to remember are the following. Bathrooms and kitchens in Victorian houses were functional rather than decorative and glamorous and as such the bathroom accessories that you choose should be functional and easy to clean if you wish to keep with the Victorian style. Therefore chrome bathroom accessories are an obvious choice as when clean they look hygienic and functional. Brass accessories can tend to dull off and look dirty and offputting soon after they are cleaned - the exception is door furniture which can look great in brass in a bathroom.

black iron privacy bathroom lock Victorian style bathroom accessories

The Victorian Emporium's black iron bathroom lock

What are essential bathroom must have accessories?

The essential accessories in any bathroom with the everyday needs of a family are:

  • Bathroom cabinet to house medicines out of the reach of children and to keep items not used on a daily basis such as sun cream and first aid kits.
  • Shelves to accommodate spare towels and shampoos etc that need to be within easy reach. Read our article on how to use bathroom shelves.
  • A heated towel rail to act as a bathroom radiator and dry damp towels.
  • A towel ring to keep a hand towel next to the bathroom sink
  • A mirror with a small shelf underneath and bright lighting above or beside the mirror
  • A toothbrush holder – this may have cups that can probably be put into your dishwasher when they get dirty.
  • A soap dish or soap dispenser on the bathroom sink
  • A toilet brush holder to be kept alongside the toilet.
  • A toilet roll holder – there are many different designs available (see separate article). Read our article on Victorian toilet roll holders.
  • One or several robe hooks to keep clothing off the floor whilst you are in the bath or shower.

chrome double robe hook

The Victorian Emporium's chrome double robe hook

  • A bath rack to keep your shampoos and soaps handy whilst you are in the bath.

The Victorian Emporium's soap dish

The Victorian Emporium's soap dish

Getting the bathroom accessories right can really complement the Victorian feel of your bathroom. Chrome bathroom accessories are a good choice and are best matched with chrome coloured taps and door furniture.

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