Hall runner carpets


Hall runner carpets

Hall runner carpets are commonly required because a period house has a long corridor or hallway, and the addition of a hall runner carpet makes the floor warmer on the feet than plain floorboards or tiles. It also makes the hall appear more homely and saves wear and tear on your floor tiles or boards.

Hall runners are produced by cutting a length of carpet from a narrow roll of runner carpet and can be cut to any different length required as the average roll of runner carpet is 30 metres. Runner carpets come in a variety of different widths ranging from 50cm wide to 120cm wide so it’s possible to get a runner to suit most halls that are too long for an off the shelf rug.

hall runner carpet

Often the use of a hall runner is combined with a stair runner for example your hallway may be at the top or bottom of your stairs, so the same design can be chosen for both the stairs and the hall runner. The only real difference between a stair and hall runner is the fact that the hall runner will require the carpet edges to be whipped ie sewn to prevent fraying. The edges can be whipped in any colour to coordinate with the carpet design. A stair runner is fixed securely in place to prevent accidents on staircases. A hall runner can also be fixed in place but the scope for serious accidents on a hallway floor is not as great as on a flight of stairs.

How do you stop hall runners from moving?

Hall runners can be fixed in place if you wish to prevent slippage of your runner. If your hall runner is always moving around and constantly needing tidying up there is a reason for this. Hall runners that are always bunching and wrinkling are too thin but you can easily resolve this without replacing it by buying a rubber anti-slip mat. They are soft, slightly tacky mats that go underneath the runner to help it stick to the floor. The mat should not affect the way your runner feels as you walk across it.

The only difficulty you now have is to choose which design will best suit your colour scheme. The hall runners available from The Victorian Emporium are mainly patterned with a variety of colourways to choose from. They will coordinate with most colour schemes and look excellent on polished wooden floors. If you choose a persian style design, these hall runners will actually look better and more authentic as they age. So although you do not wish to cause unnecessary wear and tear on your hall runner, some wear is actually desirable. 


Victorian Carpet Collection - view nowAs for sizing, as a ballpark guide, there should be roughly a 4 inch gap between the edge of the runner and the skirting board in your hallway. The runner should also not start immediately as your hallway starts. This is no hard and fast set of rules however and it will come down to what simply looks right in your house. The good thing about a hall runner is that once it arrives it's ready to use with no specialist fitting required.


The Victorian Emporium sells a wide range of stair and hall runner carpets in a choice of widths, designs and colourways.

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